Who is the best James Bond?

For many years, the question of which of the actors playing Her Majesty’s agent makes the best image of a brilliant and brave Bond has been fiercely discussed. Habitués of Internet forums, respectable journalists, women at café tables and men in gyms — they have all tried to solve the puzzle. Could it be the roguish Sean Connery, the witty Roger Moore, or maybe the Hamlet-like Timothy Dalton? How about the irresistibly handsome Pierce Brosnan or the wild Daniel Craig with his iron look?

Study of Declarations, Reaction Times & Brain Waves.

We divided the test into three parts. Firstly, we asked respondents to indicate in a paper-and-pencil questionnaire, which Bond was the best. In the second part of the experiment, we compared fans’ conscious vs. subconscious reactions. To capture the latter we used a Reaction Time (RT) or BIONAVITM method. In the third part of the experiment, we tested our guest’s brains directly by analyzing their cortex electrical activity, i.e. brainwaves or EEG. The EEG allows the analysis of the brain activity (to detect) detecting the nature of our reactions — are they positive (approach tendency) or negative (withdrawal tendency).

And the winner is…

In the first part of the study the votes of our guests always showed that Pierce Brosnan was the best Bond. But the subconsciously driven RT discovered, that when we ask:

  1. Who is the greatest womanizer? Pierce Brosnan
  2. Who is greatest sense of humor? Roger Moore
  3. Who is the most handsome? Daniel Craig

It is all matter of perspective.