Reaction Time helps to discover values standing behind sales efficiency

A top performing employee has to be a self confident person who effortlessly creates relationships with other people. This generic skill should be backed with other essential characteristics. Employers usually have a list of virtues they would seek in their sales agents. How to improve a sales force performance using newest research methods?

Improve your sales efficiency:
  • identify the most important values that characterize superior sales agents
  • determine what truly differentiates your best sales reps from the rest of the field
  • improve recruitment and effectiveness of trainings for your team
  • raise the level of conviction of employees in areas essential for business success

Searching for a perfect sales agent characteristic

Business issue: Our Client goal was to improve recruitment and effectiveness of trainings for their sales agents. They needed a full understanding of what characterises the best sales reps and truly differentiates them from the rest of the field. For the implicit study we selected the top 10% best performing agents (superior agents) and the bottom 10% (average agents) to test them against 60 self-assesment statements.

  • Client's industry: Finances
  • Sample: 500 respondents
Declarative scores brought no surprise at all – for both groups they were similarly high without significant differences. Agents’ declarations seem to be not enough to find a factor that differentiates selected groups.
the bars indicate how many respondents agreed with the statement.
Top performing agents were definitely more certain about almost all of the tested areas. Even if average performing agents declared that they have good relationship with clients or that they know the product they sell – the strength of those attitudes was only moderate, whereas superior agents were fully certain about their own opinions. Both groups also declared that they had high sales skills and self-esteem but again only the top performing agents were sure about it. It seems that sales performance will be higher if a given agent has deeply rooted high self-esteem and truly believes in his or her own sales skills.
the bars indicate how many respondents agreed with the statement.
the color shows the strength of an attitude. The higher the speed, the more certain respondents are about their opinion

How to increase sales efficiency?

Thanks to our research we’ve identified the most important values that should characterize superior sales agents. Next we created a unique mobile app that utilizes the results of our project as benchmarks. Our client can use this app during the advanced stages of the recruitment process to identify the true potential of new sales agents. Finally, based on the results, our client has introduced a program called “Top Salesforce. From „Good to Great”. It is a 24-month long performance enhancement program, charged with a series of workshops and policies prepared by HR experts and coaches. The focal point of the program is to increase sales efficiency by raising the level of conviction of sales agents in all areas deemed essential to business success, as identified by RT based methodology.