Reaction Time reveals which package will best attract clients to your product

Why do people buy things? Obviously, there's no simple answer to such a question. However, what we can certainly say is that one of the main factors that facilitates sales is the cool, distinctive design of a product. It is visible especially in the FMCG category, where customers would rather grab an eye catching package from the shelf instead of a bland private label with an uninteresting layout. What if you’ve already built your remarkable product’s reputation but you need to update its appearance?

Implicit measurement brings a fresh look to package tests where little things can make a big difference.

Make your package test more informative:
  • understand impulsive and automatic reactions towards new designs
  • recognize which package best appeals to your client’s minds
  • know strong and weak points of tested labels

Does a great brand truly need a refreshed label?

Business issue: The client’s team prepared new versions of the package for their main product and was eager to identify which of them would perform best. The goals of this test were to find out if these changes were noticeable on an emotional level and to understand the real value of changes made to the package.

  • Client's industry: FMCG
  • Sample: 160 respondents
Respondents seem to perceive positively all tested versions of a package – all admit that the product is reliable. The majority perceives it as highly effective and for them. Nevertheless average scores around 95% with no significant differences between versions can suggest that there is no winner – the current package seems to be competitive and solid against the new ones. Is it worth  investing in layout refreshment?
the bars indicate how many respondents agreed with the statement.
The NEW 2 package is the winner – respondents are more confident that the product is advanced, whereas for the current package we can observe some doubts regarding this attribute (red bar).
Both new packages make people feel that the product is effective and reliable – high declarative scores are supported by emotional certainty.
the bars indicate how many respondents agreed with the statement.
the color shows the strength of an attitude. The higher the speed, the more certain respondents are about their opinion

It’s the right moment for some refreshment

On a declarative level it’s not that easy to recognize a winner – all tested versions of packages reached high scores. Nevertheless, Reaction Time scores have shown strong advantages in both new labels: it seems that refreshed designs boost the perception of effectiveness and reliability of the product. Moreover, the NEW package 2 makes people see it as even more advanced. It suggests that our Client has picked a perfect moment to introduce the new label as it seems that the ’wear-out effect’ for the current one is kicking in.

We recommended a subtle change in the package design but also that our Client should consider deepening a research of their target group for better understanding of consumer's expectations towards their product – in each tested design they were only moderately certain that it's for them.