Georgous Giorgio

Please be welcome to the Hollywood garden cocktail party filled with tinsel and splendor. You can feel the luxury in the air, even more when wrapped in stylish black and white tones. Crowd of VIP people in shades just hanging around in a summer light atmosphere. Looks like a movie scene from an old piece of European cinematography. But wait… oh, is it? Is it George Clooney and his empty Martini glass. The most popular Italian alcoholic beverages company has already been hiring Hollywood stars to ads taking place in their native market. This ad of the most beautiful drink showcases many beautiful faces and recalls of Bond’s cult moment for a drink before things get messy. Watching very typical Italian style of the ad we were wondering if the classy flavor will please women from two distant cultures of Russia and USA. To do so we arranged a measure of emotional reactions in form of brainwaves (via electroencephalograph) of their beautiful citizens.

Biometric results

There is such a thing — and it’s the drink. Ready and strongly visible (as the unique colored item in the black & white scenery) catches attention of American ladies and evoke only positive feelings. They disappear as soon as the actress wins the race, gets the drink and surprisingly passes her tasty trophy to Clooney. This unusual situation in a gentlemen’s world seems to pass by without any echo in Russian responses, but American ladies notice this social faux pas. Those women strongly reject the idea of picking up lady’s drink instead of picking up its beautiful owner.

How to make impression on American women’s

American women are not mad fans of the commercial nor the actor himself. They send negative wave of emotions as soon as they notice there’s the famous actor in the mob, sniffing his drink. At the same time Russian ladies respond very Positively and it persists even when a funny expression on man’s face disappears. So there is a woman and there is a man. Their glasses are empty and so the game begins. Our guests follow the chasing game between the couple with their sight and mind, but only Russian women seem to enjoy it significantly. The slow seductive moves of the woman and the way both characters try to reach the drink before the other doesn’t engage the American women emotionally. On the other side we are repeatedly facing positive response in Russian feelings. They specifically are amused by elaborated and comic facial expression of the actor. They say if you want to conquer a woman’s heart, you have to make her laugh — it seems that George is familiar to this words of wisdom.