Reaction Time helps reveal true brand perception

Getting to the top and staying there requires constant improvements. Building and sustaining a recognizable brand means being able to continuously maintain positive consumer perceptions. The market offers many tests and measurements. Maybe, these explicit tests always reveal how people really see brands and products. They obviously show what people say, but, is this enough?

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Improve your brand by:
  • verifying how consumers perceive it on an emotional level
  • discovering strong and weak points of your communication
  • maximizing the effectiveness of your message
  • better positioning of your brand among competitors

Battle of the giants. How to win customers’ hearts.

Business issue: Together with our partner research agency we conducted a study comparing the top mobile phone brands to assess their true image. We measured how certain people were when answering the key attributes reffering to the category.

  • Client's industry: technology
  • Sample: 173 respondents

Comparison of two leading brands providing mobile services shows a slight advantage of Samsung over Apple. Obviously both of them achieved high scores in all tested areas. Definitely more people seem to perceive Samsung as a brand on it's way up and we can observe a slight advantage on statements 'for me' and 'I would recommend'. 


the bars indicate how many respondents agreed with the statement.

Stronge attitudes were observed for Apple brand rather than for Samsung. People are emotionally convinced when they say: ‘for me’ and ‘I would recommend’ these are strong attitudes. On the other hand 69% declare, but in fact, they don't believe that Apple is ‘on it’s way up’ – people seem to doubt in their own declarations. 

Scores referring to Samsung brand were expressed with moderate level of emotional certainty  it looks like people are not that passionated about the brand. It's great advantage is freedom  in this area we can observe strong attitudes, while Apple supporters doubts in it. 


the bars indicate how many respondents agreed with the statement.
the color shows the strength of an attitude. The higher the speed, the more certain respondents are about their opinion

What is the future of Apple? On an emotional level, even fans are highly uncertain…

Apple has managed to create a deep connection with consumers, people are more passionate about it, but at the same time they may have doubts about the brand’s future. In contrast to Apple's newfound vulnerability, Samsung has the opportunity to prove itself and potentially gain ground against Apple regarding innovation. Even if Samsung appears to be more of a rational choice in terms of smartphones, it provides something that Apple doesn’t – a feeling of freedom. Freedom is an attribute that lays a strong foundation for higher order emotion, allowing the creation of a stronger bond with customers and could become the perfect platform to develop a lovemark.

Observation of the communication surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8 shows that the company now seems to be moving in the right direction.