Infuse your research with neuroscience.

Build your own lab and we will guide you every step of the way.

Neuroscience - the next level of consumer understanding

Globally successful businesses benefit from applying neuroscience to investigate conscious and non-conscious determinants of customer behavior. Surveys and other traditional research methods only measure what consumers think they want — on a conscious level. And there’s so much more to consumer behavior than conscious decisions! At NEUROHM, we allow you to enrich traditional market research methods with neuroimaging and biometrics to determine subconscious responses. With bioNavi’s biometric research, you will effortlessly discover what your consumers truly value.

bioNavi™ — your own neuro-lab

bioNavi is our tested and proven research method for measuring the psychophysiological reactions of the human body in response to a tested stimulus. bioNavi allows you to predict whether a tested material conveys the message, ideaa, or value that are desirable or relevant, and whether the audience identifies with your communication.

bioNavi guarantees:

  • a tailor-made offer for your specific needs
  • ability to test any video or static material (product concepts, ads, branding, etc.)
  • full support in your laboratory set-up and explicit customer care
  • hardware (neurophysiological and biometric research equipment) and authorized software license
  • assistance with using hardware and software so that, in time, your team will be able to carry out research independently
  • our know-how in research data analysis and interpretation
  • reports and visualizations
  • recommendations from our vast research experience

Why bioNavi?

Fully outsourcing your research is rather expensive, time-consuming, and requires hours of explanation. At NEUROHM, we’d instead teach a man how to fish. bioNavi is your own contemporary consumer research lab set-up, and we will support you at every step of establishing and running it. We deliver cutting-edge hardware along with our proven, proprietary software, and we share our know-how to help analyze your data.

bioNavi allows you to measure genuine reactions to any video or static material (product concepts, advertisements, alternate scenes). As a result, you know which materials maximize customer engagement and deliver the most memorable, relatable experiences. Your decisions are no longer just intuition-driven — with bioNavi, you make data-driven choices that accurately correspond with your customers’ willingness to take action.



Because of its low cost and excellent temporal resolution, electroencephalography (EEG) is one of the most commonly used neuroscientific tools in market research. The human brain fires millions of tiny electrical impulses when deciding between brands at a store or when watching an ad. By measuring this activity, we can associate the reaction the customer is having to a given stimulus. The results reflect an approach vs. avoid motivation towards a given message. In other words, with bioNavi, you can determine which product or material causes subconscious emotional engagement.


Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) describes how the skin expresses a person’s emotional response to certain stimuli. The skin is the biggest organ in the human body. It receives continual messages from the central nervous system. The activation of sweat glands reflect emotions, responses, instincts, and various other non-conscious notions. Many marketers have used technology that monitors galvanic skin reactions to learn more about their customers because GSR accurately reflects the intensity of an emotional state. The results reflect emotional arousal, which determines the pro-purchase behavior or a willing to take action.


Eye-tracking, simply put, uses infrared to track the movement of the eye. The results show what draws customers’ attention and – just as significantly – what does not, reflecting the flow of attention. Eye-tracking precisely identifies the source of the registered reaction, telling us what the respondent was looking at when they felt emotional engagement.


Our unique, authorized software seamlessly merges and synchronizes EEG, GSR and eye-tracking data with a millisecond by millisecond accuracy. Recorded data reveals a clear and meaningful story.

By combining EEG, GSR, and eye-tracking, bioNavi software delivers information about:

  • customer engagement (approaching vs. avoidant)
  • emotional arousal (action intent)
  • flow of focus and attention.

Hence, bioNavi results allow you to monitor consumer reactions precisely and identify the exact source of the response. Sprinkled on top of traditional survey results, bioNavi takes your business awareness to the next level.

Areas of application

Neurophysiological and biometrical measurements are successfully used to assess consumers’ subconscious attitudes and emotions. bioNavi makes it possible to measure honest reactions to any given product or service in various environments. Take a look at our preliminary list of most popular and scientifically validated applications.

Ad Effectiveness

  • test you ad perception
  • check which elements need improvements
  • compare campaigns and pick the best one

Concept Strength

  • find what your customer genuinely need
  • discover what concept best describes your products
  • create a message that appeals to consumers on the emotional level

Product Performance

  • find out what people really think about your product – no matter what they declare
  • check if your product will succeed
  • explore customers’ needs for your product

Package Design

  • design products that people desire
  • color, shape, or opening – check which areas require lifting
  • rank your products and roll out the one with the highest potential

Digital Shelf

  • see how your product presents itself on a digital store shelf
  • compare how it stacks up against your competitors

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