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If we measure the „fever” we will overcome the virus faster!

Merging Explicit Declarations With Implicit Response Time to Better Predict Behavior

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WHAT we do

Our smart tools capture PERSONAL EXPERIENCE

With our smart tools we measure how people FEEL, what they NEED, what they will DO - capturing a feedback free from conformity, post-conscious rationalization or wishful thinking


We create smart & agile tools for business & education

We are a perfect partner for XM, market research companies, Marketing, HR & Sales Departments or anyone who is interesed in tapping into consumers’ minds

WHY we do it

We use our unique knowledge to better PERSONALIZE products & services

Our mission is to better PREDICT behavior of customers, clients and shoppers or employees


iCode Smart Test for XM

Boost your research with the CONFIDENCE INDEX to reveal more insights.


NEUROHM is a global research & technology provider.

We create solutions to better understand consumers’ true emotions, motives and drivers.
Take your insights to the next level by applying smart & agile tools.


NEUROHM’s proprietary smart tools at your service

Test people’s true opinion and identify key drivers. User-friendly survey enhanced with Response Time.

  • WHAT:
  • • brands, products, services, commercials, categories, customers & employees satisfaction, people's opinions
  • HOW:
  • • utilizing BIOCODE™ possibilities in DIY format
  • WHY:
  • • on-line and device agnostic delivery
  • • calibration on individual respondent level
  • • immediate results
  • • respondent answer (declaration) complemented by its confidence level
  • • to design effective communication
  • • to improve brands or products image
  • • to identify emotional attitudes that are truly solid and have a real impact on behavior

Test the emotional power of marketing communication. Full fledge body response measurement (EEG, GSR, ET) in laboratory setting.

  • WHAT:
  • • story boards, concepts, animatics and final executions
  • HOW:
  • • linking Relevance (positive / negative response) and Activation (level of stimulation)
  • WHY:
  • • to maximize the effectiveness of your communication
  • • to reveal whether the execution is relevant for the audience
  • • to discover if the communication has a potential to drive behavior
  • • to show what draws customers’ attention
  • • to indicate strong and weak points thanks to moment by moment analysis

Use digital solutions to better personalize products, services or communication and to engage or activate people more

  • WHAT:
  • hyper-personalized apps - which allow to predict customers and employees performance
  • HOW:
  • • smartphone app enhanced with Response Time
  • WHY:
  • Set of dedicated applications aimed at supporting:
  • Sales: dedicated and personalized storytelling, sales team motivation, upselling / matching products
  • Marketing: events support, unmanned research
  • HR: job interview support

NEUROHM is the proud leader and organizer of an international Covid-19 Fever Project.

The project covers already 5 continents, 20 participating countries and over 70 000 respondents around the world. This pro bono project has emerged to better understand people’s attitudes and opinions regarding pandemic. It aims to assist and inspire effective communication with people around the world, as well as to monitor progress of the ‘COVID-19 Recovery’ process.

COVID-19 Fever Project in media

What our partners are saying?

„The COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences at global level  are a totally exceptional and disruptive situation deeply affecting emotions and behaviour. This project is of great value as it goes beyond rational verbatims,  that are collected by traditional researches, to investigate real deep non conscious convictions that people may not even be fully aware.

It is exciting that this project has put together various neuromarketing experts around the world so to fully meet its global scope and be able to investigate the impact of geo-political and cultural differences on the sentiment of people.”

Ottosunove, Italy

Covid-19 international reaction time testing study was a perfect opportunity to see how implicit testing highlights the commonalities of our emotions. Measuring implicit perceptions towards the virus, and the lockdown, in order to identify the true attitudes that lie beyond conscious declarations provides valuable insights on human understanding.

Walnut Unlimited, United Kingdom

„The key success factor in any COVID-19 policy relies on behavior. As the level of conviction is a reliable predictor of behavior, this study provides insights which can’t be covered by traditional opinion surveys. From a scientific point of view the results of this study provide very interesting and unique data to analyse the influence of culture on attitudes”

Prof. Bart F. Norré
Associate Professor School of Management Fribourg
University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland

"COVID 19 FEVER project brings me closer to understanding the human being within and what it means to be human. The project was an exciting and elevating experience as it provides implicit data on people's emotions in the face of the ongoing pandemic in Lebanon. Using Reaction Time Testing (RTT) captures more precisely the essence of people's fears, attitudes, experiences, and raw emotions. It allows us to understand with more depth, conclude with more conviction, and predict with more confidence. In the end, it is the implicit nonconscious information processing that influences people's choices and behavior. Again, thank you for giving me such an uplifting encounter!"

Dr. Dunia Harajli
Asssitant Professor in Neuromarketing
Lebanese American University

"I am becoming a bigger fan of iCode every day.  We have tried to cross (the COVID-19 Fever data) with all other behavioral statistics available.  Amazing results!!!"

Valentina Chkoniya Professor at Universidad de Aveiro
Managing Partner,  VtMar

"COVID 19 reprsents an exceptional challenge to all humanity. This study has shown us that despite our differences, when faced with these dangers, as a research community we have become aware of the importance of our contribution to help solve this crisis."

Rosina Forte de López
Managing Director ForteInsights,

"We are happy to support this important study! Implicit methods also play a major role in our daily research routine and especially the topic COVID-19 now clearly shows how to successfully explore the "say do gap" with the approach of our research partner NEUROHM."

Prof. Dirk Frank
Managing Director at ISM GLOBAL DYNAMICS &
Honorary Professor at the Hochschule Pforzheim, Germany


"We were very excited to work on this project together with NEUROHM. We have delivered respondents and their insights on COVID-19 from all over the world."


26 500 000+


420 000+







All NEUROHM solutions are based on cutting-edge scientific discoveries from fields such as psychology, neuroscience, economics, psychophysiology and more. NEUROHM set up the Science Board to oversee the development of research methods and secure the scientific rigor of all methodologies. An important aim of the Board is to spread the knowledge about neuroscience and its application in market research through books, working papers, publications in peer-reviewed journals, academic teachings and public speaking.


NEUROHM's extensive database consisting of more than 200,000 respondents tested across over 50 countries allows the provision of a multidimensional perspective and full understanding of consumer emotions and motivations. We are a partner for market research companies, end clients, creative agencies and anyone interested in tapping into consumers’ minds. The NEUROHM team consists of passionate professional researchers who are ready to support you on every step of a research project: from planning key objectives, through the survey set up & data collection to final conclusions and recommendations.


The Board consists of leading academics and market research professionals in the field of applied consumer neuroscience.


Member of Science Board


Founder & Chairman


  • Pascal Schlich, Renata Januszewska, Jagoda Mazur, Rafal Ohme

    RT-CATA: assessing uncertainty in Check-All-That-Apply (CATA) method by taking response time into account
  • Rafal Ohme, Michał Matukin & Paula Wicher

    Merging Explicit Declarations With Implicit Response Time to Better Predict Behavior.
  • Christo Boshoff & Rafal Ohme

    The role of implicit learning in logo substitution
  • Karyłowski & Mroziński

    Time Frame Affects Vantage Point in Episodic and Semantic Autobiographical Memory: Evidence from Response Latencies.
  • Matukin & Ohme

    How reaction time measurement empowers marketing and market research.
  • Matukin

    Psychological measures.


Dr Peter Steidl

Principal, Neuromarketing
"NEUROHM's iCode methodology - more specifically the Response Time Test - delivers on that front. It not only tell us which attitudes, opinions, preferences and experience are connected with a brand but, most importantly, how strong these connections are. Such an assessment not only delivers a point0in-time map of the consumer’s mind, it can also clearly identify the impact of an exposures to an ad, pack design, website, positioning statement, et cetera by assessing if the map in the consumer’s mind has changed due to this exposure."
„We worked with NEUROHM to counduct a Respons Time Testing quantitative survey with GPs in France. The team was fantastic. They were extremely proactive and highly knowledgeable. Finally, they provides great results. We are very pleased to have worked with them and would be happy to do so again in the future.”

Maria Fafouti

Advisory - Performance Improvement Ernst & Young LLP


VP of Strategic Development, TXM Creative
"Study service and tool providers are everywhere but finding a team of people that see you as a partner is rare and NEUROHM are that team for us, and they provide us with valuable insights and first-class customer care."
“The declaratively-dimensionanalized market of condoms in US is 1.6bn pcs a year. The actual market of condoms in US is 0.6bn.

If you also have doubts about explicit declarations of your consumers – and still want to optimize your communication to resonate with them and to actually sell – NEUROHM Team will design the right solution for you.

Implicit innovative methodology, clear business recommendations, comprehendible & actionable data visualization make them a strong partner on your pursuit to the real consumer choice."


“Implicit Reaction Time (IRT™) is a sensitive detector of consumer ‘lip service’ that is often driven by benefit of the doubt, political correctness and simple deference to leadership brands. It serves to know the gap between what people say and how they feel as measured only by IRT™.”


“Implicit Reaction Time is a very effective way to capture the feeling and emotional reaction of people exposed to advertising, political situations, media content or brand experience. With IRT™ we can provide our clients with better understanding and decision making.”




Natalia Suska

A highly regarded researcher and psychologist. Currently managing the NEUROHM team responsible for the overall implementation of research projects. She deploys innovative methods based on electroencephalography, skin-galvanic reaction, eye-tracking and measurement of reaction times for consumer research. She was a member of the team responsible for creating marketing research standards (for the American Advertising Research Foundation). She works with the largest research partners and brands, including banking, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and food industries. In her research career, she has also carried out many international projects. Chosen Clients: VW, Takeda, EY, PKO BP, Polsat, Discovery, TVN, Costa Cofee, Nestle, Orange. Co-author of the book "Sales promotion techniques". Speaker at many conferences. A member of the Polish Society of Opinion and Market Researchers (PTBRIO), Polish Direct Marketing Association (SMB) and arbitrator of the Union of Associations Advertising Council.

Katarzyna Zawadzka

Social psychologist. Graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities and Postgraduate Studies in Law, Economics and Business Management at the University of Warsaw. She has been involved in the consumer research industry since 2004. She has vast experience conducting numerous research projects for key clients. Her main responsibilities have been in financial management and internal HR over the past few years. Currently she looking to return to her primary passion, and as a result, is becoming more actively involved in research projects for HR clients.

Anna Szydło

Social psychology graduate with extensive professional background in market research. Her career in consumer neuroscience started in 2009 and currently Anna holds the position of Research Director at NEUROHM. In the company she is involved in end-to-end research process, coordinating the work of the whole Research Team responsible for maintaining relationships with key clients and partners as well as managing complex research projects in Poland and around the world. Chosen Clients: Orange, VW, EY, MINI, Credit Agricole, Beiersdorf. Anna is also an author of consumer neuroscience related articles in trade magazines: Retail Net, Online Marketing Magazine and Neuromarketing Science & Business Association Yearbook 2018.  She was a key note speaker during Research & Results 2019 Conference in Munich and Chocolate Conservatory 2019 Event in Paris.

Marcin Żyszkiewicz

Social psychologist with strong analytical and technical skills.
Graduate in Social Psychology from SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw and postgraduate in (1) Marketing Analyses and (2) Information Security Management from the Warsaw School of Economics. Since 2006 associated with NEUROHM and processing and analysis of quantitative data. Manages department responsible for scripting, data collection, data processing and development of tools supporting these processes. As Information Security Officer he also keeps our data safe and secure.

Adrian Klimek

Expert in Statistics, graduate in Mathematics from Wroclaw University of Technology and postgraduate in Psychology&Methodology of Project Management from University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw. Widely experienced in marketing research, specifically in quantitative data and Reaction Times analysis. Holds the function of Director of Technology responsible for statistical analysis of psychophysiological data and the application of innovative research solutions in the company. The outcome of his endless patience can be observed  in  the precise methodology of our research, valid findings and thus - client satisfaction.

Dorota Reykowska

Over 14 years of experience in marketing research, helping build brands, generate insights, transform data into brand stories. Currently responsible for leading the R&D department in NEUROHM. Previously held the position of a Research Director in both research and media agencies (DigitalMR, Universal McCann). Expert in developing innovative research methods, creating advanced research plans and cooperating with Clients in terms of delivering cutting edge projects and insights. Specializes in quantitative research such as analysis of brand image, communication effectiveness and the efficacy of different media and advertising formats. Expert is social media listening studies. She has managed a number of research projects for clients from different sectors (FMCG, finance, telecom, media), all over the world. Chosen Clients: Coca Cola, Discovery, Polsat, Johnson&Johnson, Citibank, Starcom, Carlsberg, Mars, Orange, Bols, P&G, Qatar Rail.

Dawid Adamczyk, A psychology graduate who specializes in dynamics of emotions. As a R&D Project Manager, Dawid relies on his knowledge and experience to help clients with their research projects, be that in study design, consultancy on implicit metrics or results analysis. He is also responsible for supporting NEUROHM’s partners in implementation of neuro and biometric tools. As a member of the R&D team, Dawid devotes a slice of his time to meta-research as well as development of new methods and measures.

Agnieszka Jopek

Agnieszka Jopek is our irreplaceable PMO and one of the people who are the „soul” of NEUROHM, working here for… 12 years now! (#10yearschallenge alert!). Not only does she know the answers to all the research related questions, but she’s also in charge of our daily workout routine (she can stay in a plank for a minute wearing a pencil skirt!), knows a lot about healthy lifestyle and has the cutest cat, whom she once nearly washed in the washing machine, but as a professional troubleshooter – she came to the rescue right on time. Basically Aga takes care of the good mood and friendly vibes in our office. Also, one of the very few people in the world who look amazing with purple hair ;)

“At NEUROHM I’m responsible for organizing and conducting research, both in the research studio and in the field. I actively participate in the process of Research Project Management and cooperate closely with the Data Analysis Department. In addition, I support HR and Administration in the efficient functioning of the office. I love our great atmosphere and cooperation with others and the variety of tasks I have on a daily basis – I’m never bored! What NEUROHM has mostly changed about my is probably the fact that I was never that much into psychology (I studied Tourism and Recreation), but now psychology has become one of my main hobbies!”


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