Reaction Time helps discover the most important consumer motives and purchase drivers

The competition is tough: market players are focused on different features of products in their communication and quite often there’s a need to fight with those who already own the most important values. The question is how to search for new, vital factors that might drive consumers purchase behavior. To answer this, we advise trying a different approach: Implicit testing.

Design and improve your strategy by learning:
  • what is worth communicating
  • how to build a brand image relevant to your customers
  • how to speak in language that engages your customers

What drives purchases in the household cleaners category?

Business issue: The marketing team was searching for any other vital factors beside effectiveness, that might drive consumer purchase behaviors in the household cleaning products category. To improve their current communication strategy, they tested a list of statements describing an ideal product and used Reaction Time measurement, which helped them understand consumers’ emotional motives and drivers.

  • Client's industry: Household cleaning products
  • Sample: 173 women (age: 24-45)
Customers seem to consider all aspects when they think of the ideal product in the household cleaning products category: explicit scores were high and did not reveal meaningful differences between features from ingredients, effectiveness and comfort of usage areas.
the bars indicate how many respondents agreed with the statement.

Despite the high explicit score, implicit results indicate that consumers do not truly care about the ingredients which their ideal product contains – it seem to be just lip service. 95% of customers who say that the ideal product is effective, are also not fully convinced.

Strong attitudes can be observed when people claim that the ideal product provides them with comfort of usage, i.e. it should be easy to use and have a comfortable package.

the bars indicate how many respondents agreed with the statement.
the color shows the strength of an attitude. The higher the speed, the more certain respondents are about their opinion

It is comfort that matters

All features are somehow important when people choose their products, therefore rational answers may not be sufficient to fully understand actual customers’ needs. A combination of explicit scores with a CERTAINTY index provided a meaningful context: what people truly expect from a household cleaner is comfort of usage.

Using key drivers connected with this area our Client was able to change their communication and build a competitive advantage on new, different and unique values in order to talk to customers in the language of their needs. Nevertheless, we advised them to keep communicating effectiveness as a secondary message not to lose distance to other brands who treat this as their main message.